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Advice And Defense For South Florida Employers

Even at the best-run companies, there are inevitably frictions in the employer-employee dynamic. Employee claims and lawsuits can be a cancer and a threat to your company’s bottom line. But the wrong response to employee complaints – especially in the “cancel culture” fishbowl – can damage your company’s goodwill and cost you more in the long run.

Cadogan Law provides customized legal guidance to help businesses in South Florida navigate these complex issues, from extending the olive branch to aggressively litigating employee lawsuits.

A Focused Practice In Employment And Labor Law

Attorney Gina M. Cadogan brings 20 years of experience in employment law and business litigation. Prior to forming her own practice, Ms. Cadogan worked for national and international law firms representing Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and municipalities, practicing all aspects of employment law.

She can knowledgeably address all disputes and employer dilemmas, including:

  • Discrimination under Title VII or other state and federal laws
  • Workplace sexual harassment
  • Wrongful termination
  • Whistleblower retaliation
  • FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) violations
  • Reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • Unpaid overtime, misclassification, and other wage and hour claims
  • Breach of noncompete or nondisclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Executive contracts, compensation and severance
  • Firing or disciplining a problem employee (including employees of a protected class)

You can count on Gina Cadogan to give her honest assessment of the merits of the employee’s claim, your company’s potential exposure and how a Florida court would rule. She will work with you to investigate internally, craft a response, negotiate a resolution or prepare for courtroom litigation. We don’t seek to escalate conflicts, but Gina is a formidable trial lawyer and understands that sometimes it’s necessary to “send a message” to your workforce or draw a line in the sand.

An Ounce Of Prevention …

Cadogan Law also provides proactive consulting services for compliance with evolving employment regulations and the prevention of costly employee disputes. This ranges from drafting contracts and restrictive covenants to developing workplace policies and employee handbooks.

Your Solution Starts With A Consultation

Our firm uniquely combines valuable large law firm experience with boutique law firm care and communication for clients. We welcome the opportunity to review your legal matter, answer your questions and recommend a course of action.

To schedule a consultation, call our Plantation law office at 954-546-7501 or use the online contact form on this website.