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Trusted Legal Counsel For Compliance With Employment Regulations

It is often said that a company’s most valuable assets are its people. Forward-thinking businesses understand that the best way to remain competitive in their industry is to hire skilled employees and provide them every opportunity to excel.

When a company’s leaders are forced to focus so intently on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, it can be challenging for them to stay abreast of the constantly evolving state and federal labor laws that protect the workers they employ.

At Cadogan Law, we assist businesses throughout South Florida in all aspects of employment law compliance, by implementing or revising human resource initiatives. Attorney Gina M. Cadogan brings a wealth of experience, more than twenty years’ worth, providing legal counsel to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofit organizations, hospitals, and municipalities

It’s as if You Have In-House Counsel

We invest a great deal of time learning about each client’s particular business and industry in order to have a comprehensive understanding of every company we work with, its culture, and its future strategies in the marketplace.

Our emphasis on providing clear communications and comprehensive legal guidance make our services the next-best-thing to having an attorney on staff.

We take a proactive approach to help corporate clients comply with a wide range of issues, including:

Employment contracts — We assist companies with all aspects of employment agreements, including executive contracts, non-compete agreements, confidentiality agreements, ownership of work, independent contractors, and other matters.

Employee rights We provide guidance and help implement proactive measures to avoid litigation regarding discrimination, harassment, privacy, and other employee disputes

Employee classification — Properly classifying employees has never been more complicated, or more important. Misclassification can, and does, result in expensive litigation. We counsel businesses proactively in an effort to avoid disputes and provide experienced representation if a dispute does occur.

Termination — We provide guidance on severance agreements, the right to fire an employee, and other complicated matters involved in ending the employer-employee relationship.

Stop Legal Problems Before They Happen

The best way to prevent disruptive and expensive litigation is to take a proactive approach and follow proper procedures. You can enlist our services on a continuous basis or as needed. We become partners with the clients we serve and are invested completely in their success.

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