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In The Words Of Happy Clients

Our company has used the services of Cadogan Law for the past 3 years. Gina has been totally responsive to our needs. From personell issues to assisting with updating our Employee Handbook for compliance, the team has been both timely and a cost effective solution for small business.

— Kathy Gillen

She made a real difference!
Timely, thorough, and compassionate help from Gina regarding a separation / commission dispute. She made a real difference!

— John Whitt

Definitely Recommended
I hired Gina to represent me for a situation related to a very large company not treating me with respect and in total violation of an existing employment agreement. Gina turned out to be a wonderful choice; her communications with me were excellent and her advice was spot-on, and she was very willing to listen to my input at each step of the process. I would definitely recommend Gina and would not hesitate to hire her again.

— Charlene

Amazing Experience
Gina represented me in my wrongful termination case. I have never had to hire an attorney before and was very anxious about it all. I never saw myself as someone who would sue anyone and I had so much anxiety over it all. Gina helped reassure me through everything and gave me sound advice. I felt confident in leaving everything to her and trusting in her expertise. She didn’t sugar coat anything, which means you get realistic expectations. She was also extremely accommodating with my move outside the U.S. Communication can sometimes be difficult with time differences but she made it so easy. Communication is top notch. I would recommend her to everyone! Thank you so much for your hard work Gina and staff, you all are absolutely wonderful!

— Nicole

Truly The Best In Her Field
Mrs. Gina Cadogon was the answer to my prayers; she took my case after she reviewed it and spoke to me. After that, I pretty much sat back and watched her go at it. She kept me informed throughout the process. As the other side did not want to settle, we ended up in court. She was a real pitbull in the courtroom almost to the point I had pity for the other side, not totally though. We won the case soundly and they asked to appeal. Again in the appeal case she was five steps ahead of the other side. Even though they brought in a special appeals attorney, in less than two weeks after that I had the check in my hand. I would like to personally thank you for the effort you put into my case. Also hope this will prevent Spirit Airlines from taking advantage of their employees in the future.

— Serge

Gina Believed Me
My journey of feeling whole again began in October 2015, as soon as I entered Gina’s office. At the time, I was facing a terminal illness, and on-going discriminatory treatment at a local university. It was my third year as a Higher Education Administrator, and my 16th year in Academia. I had arrived in Miami with a stellar work history, and now my work, my integrity and my newly diagnosed illness were being attacked almost daily. On several occasions, I was told to seek legal advice. It was a difficult decision to make, as I felt somewhat defeated. I was facing a work climate of abuse, secrecy, nepotism and blatant and on-going discriminatory treatment.

I had to do something. I was referred to Gina. As soon as I entered Gina’s office, and met with her, I felt a sense of hope, even though I wondered whether she would believe what I found was an insurmountable reality. I worked in a climate where daily abuse and a lack of tolerance for the realities of my disability were intentionally swept under the rug. After sharing my story, it was clear to Gina that my disability was a bone of contention for my Employer.

Gina believed me, and empowered me to reflect on my situation, and continue to work with the same commitment, work ethic and respect for my colleagues, in the hope that the abuse and discrimination would end. Gina informed me that there appeared to be a collective attempt to terminate me. She warned the employer of clear violations. In fact, 6 months later I was terminated. Never once having been approached by HR to seek clarification despite their knowledge of what was taking place. It was an unbelievable experience for me.

During every step of the process to seek redress, Gina remained accessible, she kept me informed and continued to recognize that I was wronged, and discriminated against as a result of my disability.

We were given the right to sue by EEOC on the grounds of a clear violation of ADA/Human Rights. In the final outcome, I was made whole. I cannot thank Gina enough. She is compassionate, insightful, well versed in the legalities, has integrity, honesty, and an ability to empathize and empower. Gina is committed to combat workplace discrimination and address inequities. She is a quiet force.

My word for Gina is GENUINE.

My case was resolved in September 2015. I have since referred two colleagues to Gina.

— Dr. AMPP

Humanitarian Lawyer

Lawyer Gina Cadogan represented me in both a Civil and Probate case in Florida District and Federal courts. Having lost all of my retirement savings and investments, Cadogan slashed her price in almost half of her hourly charge once she learned I was borrowing against my credit cards to pay for her litigation. This came out of her own intuition and initiative – not mine; I never once asking her for a financial break.

If there such a thing as a lawyer who does not have the $ sign stamped on her forehead…Cadogan was it! She was a far cry from the first lawyer who took my case, who was only about the money and got trounced in court hearing after hearing – before I dismissed her…showing up for my case unprepared and exhibiting nervousness to the maximum.

Cadogan was extremely competent and knowledgeable in both matters (Litigation and Probate) and won my case in a hotly fought nearly three-year legal battle. Cadogan left “no stone unturned” and knew how to fight for me against reportedly two of the best lawyers in the State of Florida.

If you are looking for a “humanitarian” lawyer who is reasonably priced and worth her weight in gold, Cadogan is it!